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About GTEC

GTEC is a part of Wrightington Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS (National Health Service) Foundation Trust, running ethical Earn, Learn, Return, Excel programmes for international healthcare staff to join the NHS. The driving principle at GTEC is to make education the foundation of each programme, its pastoral care and helping international healthcare staff to successfully move and integrate into the NHS

Abhinava Global Academy is the Global Academic Associate to facilitate all arrangements towards collaborative works of GTEC nurses program. Our fostering, caring and world-renown educational and support-led courses aim to provide training opportunities for Indian Nurses in the UK.

We work with healthcare professionals, universities, medical associations, nursing colleges, healthcare organizations across India to facilitate and achieve the mutually agreed objectives. 

GTEC has a dedicated team who help in placing international adult nurses for several Trusts across England. The center is focused on developing a team of nursing professionals who are enabled to assist the medical professionals for a better future for healthcare in general. With this noble agenda, GTEC offers courses that will enable nurses to better understand and equip themselves into job-ready roles and are presented with an opportunity to work at the best healthcare units.

About Program

GTEC, being a part of Wrightington Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have a reputation in successfully running ethical Earn, Learn, Return, Excel programmes for international healthcare staff to join the NHS. In order to fulfill this vision, the esteemed team at GTEC constantly work towards offering job opportunities along with helping individuals to gain the required knowledge through their training programs for international adult nurses. The training obtained can then be used to obtain placement opportunities in several NHS Trusts across England. GTEC is in constant pursuit of recruiting nursing professionals directly and AGA is proud to be partnering with them in this initiative. Currently GTEC is looking to directly recruit international adult nurses and the following gives an outline of who will be eligible for it, and some of the programme details. 

The GTEC program is a 3 year training educational and training program with opportunities to work across many trusts in the UK & Great Britain. With tremendous support for international nurses, qualified nursing professionals have unlimited opportunities to work in these regions. Training at GTEC includes extensive English language training that will help adapt in this environment. The international nurses are also provided with counseling staff to guide them through their journey into the NHS.

A 4 week residential Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) course will be made available to the applicants and these courses will be delivered by GTEC Nurse educators and OSCE experts. The team will help students with pre-booking of exam slots. In order to ensure logistical convenience, accommodation along with all other campus facilities including cafeteria, well-being area, gymnasium etc., is provided to students.

Training and Education Center

Eligibility Criteria

Relevant academic qualification for nursing

No unresolved practise issues  

Proof of registration in any states/countries you have practiced nursing

6+ months post qualifying experience when arriving in the UK (not at interview)            

Any gaps in service in the last 2 years must be justified 

Be able to produce a police check covering the last 10 years 

Must be in current registered practise (consideration will be given to those out of practise for more than 12 months on a case-by-case basis, provided they have no unexplained gaps in their career)

Have a UKVI accredited, relevant English Language qualification, either



English based entrance exams to be taken by nurses aspiring to get placed through GTEC

OET (Occupational English Test) is an English Language test for healthcare professionals that is widely recognised by various regulated healthcare bodies

Abhinava Global Academy will help nurses to prepare for OET examinations to qualify for programs at GTEC

Marks Eligibility to qualify for program at GTEC



How to apply for NHS?

You can contact Abhinava Global Academy, our Global Academic Associate for any queries and help.
Abhinava Global Academy Private Limited

#209, Heritage Street,
Banashankari 6th Stage
6th Block,
Bengaluru-560 062
Karnataka, India
Telephone number – 9591856222 ( AGA- Namrita Kamath) & 8971914300
E-mail address –

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