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Abhinava Global Academy focuses on upskilling and making every individual industry-ready & getting everyone performing to the best optimal level.

We are a group of enthusiasts who believe in the statement, “Personal Transformation Leads to Organisational Transformation!”, which is why we have created programmes that help individuals achieve breakthroughs in their personal life as well as their professional life.

We have affiliations with various reputed organisations and trainers who help individuals get the best guidance they require. We are closely associated with GTEC NHS, UK University for our GTEC International Nurse Programme we hold an MOU with MIT, Mysuru for our Event Management course.

Our goal is to bring in a new refreshing, unique approach to the event management industry. Our sister concern Abhinava Events Pvt Ltd. comes with an expertise of managing events from the past 20+ Years. We have successfully organized 1000+ events successfully PAN India, participants sizes ranging from 200 to 15,000.

Event Management Course

Did you know ? that top event management companies hire event organisers, event managers, wedding planners etc for high salaries.

Event Management courses train you to a mass knowledge about various events like­ corporate gatherings, weddings, informal gatherings, conferences, hospitality etc to name a few.

The course instils in you an array of skills to handle the planning and execution of these events. But apart from its specifications to events, the course also sets you up with transferable skills like budget handling management, hustle culture and many more which are crucial to a lot of other career paths and profitable in your daily lives as well.

Event Management has the scope to set up the candidates with good annual packages and opens up an array of positions in various fields.

Why a Career in Event Management?

Learning Unlimited!

Managing events from diverse domains offers exposure to specialist subjects & experts.

Growth Unlimited!

From an on-field production executive to leading multiple departments & hundreds of people, the career path is always on the rise & extremely rewarding!


Networking Unlimited!

Meeting new people, making new alliances & catering to diverse clientele is a daily routine!

Travel Unlimited!

Travel all across the country & visit exotic locations!

Inshort, it's Excitement Unlimited!

Why Choose Us?

Learn from the best of the best

Event management company experts curated curriculum

Comprehensive learning

Blend of theory and hands-on practical training.

Exciting internships for real-world experience.

Why Choose Us?

Learn from the best of the best! Visionaries with decades of experience in academics & domain experts from leading event management companies in the country, have come together to put up a carefully crafted curriculum, which ensures that every student gets to make the most of this opportunity. We provide training in both theory & practical. Hands on experience with internship opportunities makes this journey even more exciting. All this bundled together with the state-of-the-art infrastructure, which is most conducive to learning, makes us the most obvious choice!

Course Summary

Anyone who wants to pursue a career in event management must have many qualities like Leadership skills, public relationship skills, go getter attitude, marketing and business development skills, risk management skills, budgeting skills etc. Some of these qualities are inborn and the rest can be cultivated.

Career opportunities post Event Management course is multi dimensional.
Here are a few to names

Hotel Industry


The Corporate Sector

The Fashion Industry



Newspaper Houses

Films and serial production houses & Much More


Consultation firms

There is also a vast scope for an event manager who wants to set up his own business.

Who should apply to this course

Eligibility:- Minimum 12th Std/ 2nd PUC/ Diploma

Students looking beyond main stream courses

Home makers looking to re-start career

Anybody who is looking for a career change

Anybody willing to add this course as a add on certification course

Anybody willing to set up their own business

Objectives of the New Program

To prepare young professionals to perform under emerging business scenario

To offer hands on experience with live projects

To develop business leaders with ethical and human values

Event Management Course
Subjects & Content

You can contact Abhinava Global Academy for any queries


Human Resources

Finance, Budget & Negotiations

Marketing, Advertising & Branding

Consumer Behaviour and Cross Cultural Management

Event Production, Safety  & Security



Hospitality & Logistics

Body language, Leadership & Communication

Course Duration: Approx 20 Hours
Hands on Experience: 8 Hours
Course Type: Certification Course
Assured Internship 

Meet our Faculty

Vidyashankar A V

Founder & CEO
Abhinava Group

Nagaraja Pani

Program Manager - Chairman's Office,
Narayana Health Group of Hospitals

Ram Narayan Agasthya

Freelance Training Facilitator & Consultant

Dr Ravichandra Kulkarni


Ruthuparna Sharma

Life Coach, Author, Meditation Practitioner

Shruthi N Bharadwaj

Business Head
Abhinava Med Tech

Prajwal P

Business Head
Abhinava Events

Abilash Mani

Chief Event Manager
Abhinava Events

Priya K S

Business Head
Abhinava Weddings

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How to apply for Course?

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Student Registration

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